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  Central Boiler’s E-Classic has revolutionized the outdoor wood furnace industry when it was introduced.  While we still operate based on the same basic principles as our initial offerings, the E-Classic has been a product that has been tweaked to optimize efficiency. Central Boiler has now created our most efficient system boasting an efficiency ratings over 90% which was unheard of until the E-Classic series was introduced.  This system is recommended for anyone wanting to save on heating bills, do the right thing for the environment or just like the look and operation of a cleaner burning outdoor wood appliance. The E-Classic series has two supply and return lines in the E-Classic 1450 as well as the E-Classic 3250 while the E-Classic 2400 supports three supply and return lines. Insulated with sprayed on urethane foam, these outdoor wood furnaces have much better insulation than our competitors. Like Central Boiler’s Classic, the E-Classic will hold snow on the roof while there is a fire burning inside.

  The E-Classic series emits very little smoke and is recommended if there are neighbors in close proximity who are in danger of being offended by smoke.  Complete combustion is nearly attained and most people tell us they clean out the ash collection chamber once a month with less than a gallon of ashes collected. For optimal heat retention, use ThermoPEX from the outdoor wood furnace to the home/building being heated. If comparing with other manufacturers, please read, E-Classic Best Choice.