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Chimney Reinforcement-Fall Zone  640KB
Chimney Cleaning 1-2-3 196 KB
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Flyers & Brochures
12 Reasons To Buy a Classic (7 Page Flyer) 1,008KB            
Classic Brochure (16 Pages) 2.4MB
Classic Foundation & Dimensions (1 Page) 292KBClassic_files/12%20Reasons.pdfClassic_files/Classic%20Brochure.pdfClassic_files/Classic%20Foundation%20%26%20dimensions.pdfshapeimage_10_link_0shapeimage_10_link_1shapeimage_10_link_2

  Central Boiler’s Classic series has been our most popular selling model and is the best model we have seen for a non-EPA qualified outdoor wood furnace.  Insulated with spray on urethane foam, virtually no heat is lost through the insulation which is evident each year when we receive phone calls from surprised customers who see snow sitting on the roof of their outdoor wood furnace while there is a fire burning inside. The Classic comes with two to three supply & return ports (depending on the model) which allows the owner to heat two or three separate buildings while only maintaining one fire.  The Classic series can handle larger pieces of wood and can accept 36” long firewood in even our smallest fireboxes. Diameter of wood is also mainly limited by what you can physically pick up as our smallest door has an opening of 20” x 20” which is the limiting factor for firewood diameter. If you’re considering purchasing one of these “workhorses” I would strongly urge you to download and read through the brochure, “12 Reasons to Buy a Classic” which shows some of the advantages of our system as well as some of the short-comings of furnaces offered by out competitors.