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Outdoor Wood Furnaces, LLC and Central Boiler are offering rebates up to $1,700 on furnaces redeemed at time of purchase. Rebate can expire at any time and is good for stock on hand and will be honored if deposit is placed before rebate ends. This rebate is in addition to any state & federal rebates that are available.

Refer a Friend Program

  1. Send this form to us, and when your friend purchases and pays for a Central Boiler through Outdoor Wood Furnaces, LLC we will give you in-store credit for $100 or if used on a service, $150.00. All funds are in USD. Please include your:

  2. Name:______________________

  3. Phone:_____________________

  4. E-Mail:______________________ or

  5. Mailing Address:Street

  6. City                         St            Zip

  7. We must receive your information before final payment is made by customer

I would prefer a $150 Service Credit


I would prefer a $100 Store Credit

Customer Name:________________

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State Tax Incentives

For example, Montana residents can take advantage of current incentives including a $500 Income Tax Credit per tax payer (up to $1000 household rebate) off of 2018 tax liability. Please refer to your tax professional to ensure eligibility.  Rebate is offered to Montana residents who install an E-Classic or Maxim furnace between Jan 1, 2018 & Dec 31, 2018.

For Montana Info:

For other state info: