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In short, our systems are somewhat unique in that they use the outdoor wood-fired furnace to heat water. That water is transferred inside to provide an even, thermostatically controlled safe heat.  For a page designed with wiring & more non-conventional examples, please visit our Additional Options page.

Our Systems Heat Water - We use water treated with Corrosion Inhibitor, an anti-corrosive additive, in our furnaces. Certainly you can use a Glycol based anti-freeze, but a majority of our customers do not find it necessary.

Water Heats Your Home - Water is pumped underground through ThermoPEX into your home. Our furnaces adapt to many existing heating systems such as forced air furnaces & radiant heating or in many instances, can be added to existing heating sources with minimal disturbances.

Heat Domestic Water Source - Through the use of a heat exchanger, we can heat the domestic water (Drinking, Shower, Tap) supply, to virtually eliminate water heating bills.

Thermostatically Controlled - Through the use of valves controlled by thermostats, indoor temperatures can be regulated to ensure maximum comfort. The boiler is also thermostatically controlled which means tending the damper is a thing of the past.

Heat Multiple Buildings - Even our smallest boiler that we offer is capable of hosting two supply and return
lines, and our biggest residential boiler offers three ports to heat three different buildings. Ideas include but not limited to greenhouses, hot tubs, pools, driveways, etc

Options exist - The following diagrams can offer a starting point from which to begin the design process. A  “mix & match” mentality is certainly appropriate. Besides forced air or radiant heat adaptation, wall panel radiators,  baseboards, floor registers, etc

Think outside of the box - Our customers are having fun playing with the concepts we’ve started. Heated towel racks, wood drying kilns and roof melt loops are just a few of the ideas we’ve heard. 

Dual Fuel - For those wanting a backup heat source, Central Boiler offers a dual fuel burner (optional with most models).

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